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In todays experiment we want to find out how much pressure a coca cola bottle can take ? Coca cola or as other refer to it coke ( or here in Eastern Europe we call it cola ) is something we encounter every day, but have you ever wondered, how durable are these bottles? Well we were surprised with the results. And we had fun making this video. We had tons of coke explosion , coca cola bottles exploding . The basic idea was simple, we have to fill the coca cola bottle with carbon dioxide until it explodes. Easy enough to do. The cola exploded with a super loud bang and the internals of the bottle were spilled everywhere. We were shocked that these coca cola (coke) bottles could hold so much pressure.
First we stoped at 6kg ( 85 psi ) to see if there was more carbon dioxide in the coke, and there was, as i tried to drink it, it went through my nose, you know what i'm talking about.
Then we kept on pumping carbon dioxide in the coca cola bottle, and until 10 kg ( 180 psi ) there was no visible effect. Only after this pressure the bottle started to stretch out and the bottle finally gave up at around 12 kg ( 200 psi ) of pressure. We were shocked the the plastic bottle cap could hold this pressure, further more, we were shocked that the bottle could withhold this kind of pressure. In one of our previous videos we tested how much pressure a car tier can take, and it went up to 230 psi! That is only a little bit more than the plastic bottle was capable of.
To see if only coca cola bottles were so durable we tested different bottles and they all showed similar results.
In conclusion, a coca cola bottle can take up 200 psi pressure and when it explodes it goes off with a loud bang!

Don't try to do this yourself, you guys could get seriously injured, we are self claimed professionals thus we are invincible.

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 Autors: Baldy@lv взрыв koka koli !

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